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Location-based email campaigns

Are your subscribers based in different time zones all over the world? The delivery time of your email campaign can positively influence the open rate, that’s why you want to send your emails at the right time. Using location-based email campaigns, you can deliver your emails on different times, so each person sees it at exactly the right time.

To send emails to subscribers in a specific location, go to Subscribers and filter for location. Then chose the country of preference. This data is collected when subscribers sign up using one of your MailerLite forms.

Are you not using our forms, but do you have the location information available? In this case, you can add a condition that says Fields and then Country equals [Name of the country]. If you have cities available, you can do the same using city instead of the country. From there you can save it as a segment.

Now whenever you send a new email campaign you can use your new location segment.

Adding new location segments can also be done while you’re creating your campaign. In the recipients overview, you can check or exclude segments. To create a new segment, just repeat the steps mentioned above.

To learn more, check out this article on How to deliver based on time zones.