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Campaign reports

In this video, you’ll learn how to manage your campaign reports. To view these, you can either:

  • Select View report from your dashboard, or

  • Go to the Campaigns tab, select the email you would like to view, and then click View report.

On the overview page, you’ll have access to various stats, including the open, click and bounce rates.

If you scroll down, you will see the Link activity chart. This shows the number of unique and total clicks for each link. These numbers could be different, as some subscribers may click on the link more than once.

If you have the Shopify integration, select E-commerce in the next tab. This page will show you:

  • Number of orders

  • Total revenue

  • Conversion rate

  • List of orders

The Survey report tab will show you the results of a survey, if you have embedded one in your newsletter. Here, you can see who responded, as well as the average responses for each question. This information can be exported as a CSV file.

If you have a premium account with MailerLite, the View email tab will give you a click map of your email. This shows the percentage of where people were clicking. You can switch this function off at any time, by clicking the ‘ON/OFF’ button above the map.

The Activity tab shows both subscriber and link activity.

  • For Subscriber activity: you can access a list of all of your subscribers, with the number of opens and clicks. From the Actions button above your list, you can copy them to another group, or export them to a file. With the Show button, you can categorize this list by bounces, clicks and other criteria. You can also search for specific subscribers, using the search bar at the top of the page.

  • For Link activity: you can see unique and total clicks. This information can be exported to a file, using the Actions tab above.

The Open by location tab shows the geographic locations of your subscribers. If you are on the MailerLite Premium plan, you can also see individual subscribers in the countries where they subscribed from. You can read more about our opens by location feature here.

If you would like to download or print a copy of your campaign reports, go back to the Campaigns tab, and select the drop-down menu for View report beneath each email campaign.

Head to our features page for email newsletter reports to find out more.