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A/B split test campaign

Need to test what version of your email campaign works best? An A/B split campaign allows you send 2 similar emails to two small parts of your group. Then, the most popular one will automatically be sent to the remaining part of the group.

There are two ways to create an A/B split test campaign.

When in the Campaigns area, you can use the quick link from the Create campaign dropdown. Or, you can click Create campaign and choose A/B split campaign from the menu above.

Then you have to choose the type of campaign you’d like to use. The best way to test two different emails is to only change thing at a time. That's why each campaign type only allows you to change one factor at a time. When the results are different, you can be sure this was the factor that influenced it.

You can choose from different A/B split tests:

  • The first type allows you to test 2 different subject lines. The winning subject line will be sent to the rest of your group.

  • The second type allows you to test different sender names and email addresses.

  • The third type leaves the subject line and sender the same, but allows you to change the content of the email.

In this video, we're selecting the third type and click Next.

You can then choose a template and do the editing for version A.

For version B, you have 2 different options for the email creation:

  1. Copy the same email and change a few things.

  2. Start from scratch.

Every campaign type will bring you to the step where you can select the size of your group.

In our example, we set the group percentage to 20%. This means that 360 people will get email A and another 360 will get email B. The remaining 60% of the group (1080 people) will receive the best-performing email based on the open rate or the click rate.

Finally, you can choose the period before the winning email will be sent out.

Once you’re ready with these settings you can move along to the Send section. Either click send now, or send later, and the click send again. After the set time, your campaign will move from Drafts to Sent. Once this happens, you'll be able to follow all the changes and statistics using the View report link.

Did you know that you can also test your landing pages? Check out this Help article on How to use A/B split testing for a landing page.