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How to export subscribers

How to export subscribers

Do you want to save your list outside of your MailerLite account? You can export your subscriber list with just a few easy steps!

You can export your subscribers in two formats:

  • CSV file

  • CSV for Excel file

Note: If you cannot find the option to export subscribers, please contact your administrator of the account. Only account administrators are able to use this feature.

To start exporting subscribers:

  1. Head to the Subscribers page. 

    You can export all subscribers or choose subscribers that are active, unconfirmed, unsubscribed, bounced, and those who have sent spam complaints. 

    To view a specific list, click on the green text Active subscribers

  1. Select the subscriber(s) you wish to export.

    You can select a single subscriber, or click on the drop-down arrow next to the Email column to select all subscribers that are visible on the current page or all of the subscribers in the list. 

  1. Toggle the columns/fields you wish to export.

    The Export function only exports the fields that are visible on your subscriber list overview at the moment of exporting. By default, the first few columns will always be included.

    For any additional columns/fields you wish to include in your export file, click on the Toggle columns button to select the fields to export. 

  1. Finally, click on the Export button and select the file type of your choice.

To export subscribers from the report of a campaign:

  1. Head to your Campaigns page and open the Sent tab.

  2. To export the subscribers from a specific campaign report, click on the View report button of a sent campaign.

  1. Select the Subscriber activity tab.

    Here, you can export the subscribers who opened, hard bounced, forwarded, clicked, unsubscribed, unopened, soft bounced, or sent a spam complaint of a specifically chosen campaign.

    Click the green button All to view all the lists. 

  1. Once you’ve chosen the list, toggle the columns/fields you want to include in the export file. When you’re ready, click on Actions and choose to Export.

To export the subscribers who have participated in an automation:

  1. Head to Automations.

  2. Click on Overview for the automation of your interest.

  3. Select the Activity tab.

  4. Choose whether you want to export those who have completed it, those who are queued, and those who were canceled.

  1. Click on the downward-facing arrow above the list to select all subscribers, or simply select those you want to export

  2. Select Export and choose the type of file you want

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