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Jonas · 7 min read · New features and updates · October 29, 2020

MailerSend: A new kind of transactional email service has arrived

What if the user experience of working with transactional emails could be more like modern email marketing tools–simple, intuitive and team-friendly?

This question inspired the creation of MailerSend, a cloud-based transactional email system that is built for developers, but intuitively-designed so other team members can contribute.

If you’re a developer working with transactional emails, you already know that the process of creating and sending emails is antiquated and terribly inefficient. Every little change requested from other teams requires coding and maintenance work from devs. 

With MailerSend, you can say goodbye to these complicated, time-consuming processes. People on the marketing team can use a drag & drop editor to create a new email or make edits to a current email without the need for code. If the Product Manager wants to review email performance, they can simply log in to the analytics dashboard.

Everyone can contribute without slowing down the devs team!

In addition to a team-friendly UI, MailerSend was built with everything you’d expect from a next-gen transactional email system, including a flexible sending infrastructure to scale quickly, personalization features and a dedicated deliverability team to ensure emails reach the inbox.

MailerSend shares the same product philosophy as MailerLite, making it our favorite transactional system. Let’s take a deeper look!

You’ve probably received an automatic order confirmation email after completing a purchase. That’s a transactional email—a notification that is triggered by the recipient.

There are a lot of different transactional email varieties, such as:

  • Password resets

  • Welcome emails

  • New account creation

  • Billing notices

  • Subscription cancellation

For businesses, these emails are the glue that holds their digital ecosystem together. They communicate the mundane yet important information that people need when they make a transaction.

Transactional emails are extremely important, but most of the tasks in managing them are repetitive. The current tools require technical capabilities to address things that non-tech team members could handle if they had the know-how.

That’s what makes MailerSend different—it’s built for your entire team.

MailerSend's intuitive dashboard is made so your entire team can understand it.

You might wonder: “Why should I use a transactional email system when MailerLite has similar features?”

We can totally get behind that logic… but if only it was that simple! Let us explain why it’s better to use MailerSend separately from MailerLite.

It’s true that with MailerLite you can send automated messages such as welcome emails. In essence, these are a type of transactional emails. However, MailerLite is not designed to send the majority of notification emails like automatic billing and account notifications. 

The main reason you want to keep your marketing email campaigns separate from transactional emails has to do with permission. MailerLite is an email marketing platform that is based on subscriber consent. You are obligated to have your subscribers’ permission and follow GDPR, which MailerLite takes seriously. 

On the other hand,  transactional emails are not permission-based so you are allowed to send when the recipient takes an action. MailerSend is the perfect solution if you like the usability of MailerLite, but need a transactional system that doesn’t require subscriber permissions. 

It’s best to use MailerLite for your marketing campaigns, and MailerSend for your transactional emails.

With MailerSend's drag & drop editor, everyone can create transactional emails.

As we mentioned, MailerSend was built with the technical bells and whistles that developers need, but it was also designed with intuitive tools so the entire team can contribute.

Once your devs team sets up the sending API, anyone can create and send an email through MailerSend. You can design your own templates using the drag & drop editor, and the emails themselves are automatically configured to be sent via the API.  

Before we go further, we prepared this video of MailerSend in action so you can see exactly what it’s all about.

You’ll love MailerSend’s features and tools because they are all built keeping the customer (aka you) at the forefront.

1. Flexible infrastructure

Send out a few emails or quickly scale to a few million emails. MailerSend can handle any load. The entire delivery process is automatically managed, so your email gets the best chance of landing in the designated inbox.

2. Designed for everyone

Once devs set up the technical requirements, the rest of the team can access and utilize the tools for creating and sending emails. Your team works faster and smarter to improve your email operation.

3. Dedicated to deliverability

The email deliverability experts at MailerSend continuously adopt new policies to ensure your emails reach the inbox. They know what ISPs, like Gmail, need to accept your emails. Your sending identity is protected through SPF, DKIM and DMARC security protocols. Safe and trustworthy!

4. Tools to personalize

People open emails that are written just for them. You can send a bulk load of messages using dynamic templates that are automatically personalized—in real-time. Mass emails, yet one-on-one communication. 

5. Real-time email analytics

The entire team can view and track email activity to gain insights and optimize. Important KPIs like open rates, click-through rates (CTRs), unsubscribe rates and spam complaints are all available. With the advanced search tool, you can find emails and recipients quickly.

MailerSend analytics example

6. You’re always supported

MailerSend offers the same type of 24/7 support that our customers love. Real people are available around the clock to assist you whenever you have a question or problem.

MailerSend took all the features you’d expect in a transactional email service including sending scalability, personalization and email tracking—and reimagined the user experience to make the entire process a smarter, more efficient team sport.

If transactional emails are part of your business, give MailerSend a free test drive to experience the difference for yourself.

MailerSend sign-up is free

Give it a try! The free plan includes access to the most important features along with 12,000 free emails per month (then only pay for what you send). Sign up in seconds.

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