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Megan · 22 min read · Tips and resources · November 11, 2020

11 landing page examples analyzed (+ tips to create great pages yourself)

A landing page is different from other web pages because it has one clear goal, such as collecting signups, selling a product or making people RSVP.

That single focus is what makes landing pages convert so well. Why? Because when people go online, they have zero patience and want to find what they need in a matter of seconds. Sound about right? 

If you think about it, we can all be rude sometimes. If we click on an advertisement, we expect to immediately see more details about what’s being promoted. We don’t have time to land on a general page and look for the item or service that we saw in the ad.

Rude or not, that’s the reality. And it's why you need landing pages.

These standalone pages target a specific audience and are created with one single goal in mind. This makes landing pages super effective to drive leads and conversions.

Get your notebook out because we’re about to analyze 11 landing pages together. For each example, you’ll learn what’s awesome and what could be tweaked. Afterward, you’ll know exactly how to build a great landing page yourself.

Landing pages should be designed with one single focus in mind. Each element—from the copy to the CTA buttons and images—helps convince the reader to take that desired action.

Marketers use landing pages because they’re more targeted, timely and have a higher chance of converting. 

Let’s say you’re a photographer and you’re running a paid advertising campaign on Facebook that targets pregnant women to book a family portrait session.

Would it make more sense to redirect people to your photography homepage or to a landing page that’s focused on your maternity photoshoots services?

If you voted for the latter, you’re completely right!

General homepages usually contain several elements and CTAs. This doesn’t make it clear for the reader what action to take.

A landing page targets one specific goal, contains a single call to action and often has no website navigation menu (or at least not as extensive as your website’s menu). Focused and compact!

These standalone pages can be used for ads (like Google text or display ads) or sponsored messages (like a podcast host saying “For 10% off, go to”).

We’re here to tell you that you can! In fact, it’s super easy.

Like you, lots of people are hesitant to get started. “I don’t know how to build a great landing page, that’s a job for web designers” is what email marketers often say.

If you’re building pages with MailerLite, you can pick one of the many ready-made templates to get started. Then it’s only a matter of swapping pictures and text. To finish, you can drag additional blocks into the layout and tweak the colors, fonts and other styles.

The easiest way to learn how to build the best landing page is by seeing how others created theirs. Analyze landing pages from a customer point of view.


  • Is it clear what I’m supposed to do (e.g. purchase, register)?

  • Would I take the desired action after seeing this landing page? 

  • What information is not convincing or missing?

  • Does the design match the message? Are the colors, fonts, images, videos, etc. convincing me or making me doubt to take action?

Your answers will give you insights on how to build your own high-converting landing page.

To show you how to analyze landing pages, we’ll kick start it with 9 examples from our customers. We’ll discuss what we like and what we would improve, while you take your own notes.

Remember that our opinions are subjective and the conversion rate of a landing page all depends on the target audience. Some designs we might tweak, while their audience loves the version as is.

1. Discovery call - Studio NOOR ANISA

Studio NOOR ANISA is a true #girlboss company run by Maylene Seah, where she helps high-reaching Muslim businesses to get unstuck and level up through a distinctive, intentional brand strategy, visual identity and packaging design. See the landing page here.

Studio Noor Anisa book discovery call landing page examples rose background

👍  Awesome!

The structure of the page, the colors and copy are all nicely designed and very fitting to the target group. The longer testimonials with pictures make the page seem more trustworthy.

🔧  Could be tweaked 

Though we're all for big fonts, this text could be a bit smaller. Mostly because 1) the CTA is not shown directly on desktop, first when you scroll and B) the CTA looks small in relation to the copy. You want the CTA button to stand out, and thus be bigger.

👉  Tip: To make this landing page more compact, the portrait image and copy could have been placed next to each other. By using the HTML block, Maylene could integrate the Book a Call calendar directly on her landing page.

2. Podcast - She Leads Africa

Another heart-warming initiative. She Leads Africa is the #1 destination for smart and ambitious African women. They host coaching programs, the SLAY festival, events and have a large community. The landing page below (see here) has the aim to collect signups by offering a podcast episode on social media secrets.

She Leads Africa podcast landing page example blue black background - MailerLite

👍  Awesome!

This background! It’s branded, eye-catching, original and fits the message. The action is clear, as there is only one thing they ask: to fill in the form and click “I want it!”.

🔧  Could be tweaked

This depends on the context. If you’d only see this page, you might want to know more about what’s being discussed in the podcast. A quick list of bullet points could make readers more intrigued. 

A link to the homepage can be added to the logo upper-left (in MailerLite, click the image block and add a link). The field titles in the form can be enlarged for better UX (web font sizes often run from 14-16px and up, so it’s readable on all devices).

👉  Tip: Make the headline as eye-catching as possible. Clearly state the value proposition. Numbers and words like “free” or “exclusive access” can help. In this example, an alternative headline could be: “Get access to our exclusive podcast episode where we reveal the 7 secrets to building customer’s trust on social media!”

3. Coming soon - Two Hearts Crochet

Admittedly, the first glance at this landing page had me thinking I was signing up for a fitness boot camp. Instead, it shows you how to make graphghans (Google it, it’s great). Two Hearts Crochet (now rebranded to Yarn Geek Makes) is a passion project blog on crocheting and knitting.

Two Hearts Crochet coming soon landing page builder example pink - MailerLite

👍  Awesome!

Apart from the initial confusion, the copy is written in an upbeat and clear way. Starting with a question is a good tactic to get the reader engaged. The CTA button that says “Join the VIP email list” shows exclusivity. Alternatively, button texts like “Join the waiting list” or “Be the first one to get access” are often used for prelaunch landing pages.

🔧  Could be tweaked

Text-wise, it’s better to stick with one word to describe your offer. On this page, boot camp, guide and course are used. Each word comes with different associations. For me, a guide is a quick PDF download, a course consists of modules spread over a longer period of time and a boot camp sounds like a days-long intensive program.

Though the background pattern and colors fit their target audience, they tell very little about the course itself. A better option would have been to display graphghan examples, people knitting, the instructor or the course delivery (e.g. a screenshot of the course dashboard).

👉  Tip: As seen on this page, make the copy about the reader by directly addressing them and using the word “you”. Customer Ensign Insights also does a great job of writing active copy on this landing page.

4. Lead generation - #BLACKHER

We’re so here for this! #BLACKHER celebrates the leadership of Black women and educates and inspires readers to act for progressive change. Their lead generation landing page (see here) has the goal to collect signups by offering a free election guide.

#BLACKHER lead generation landing page example white background purple image

👍  Awesome!
The straightforward approach of this landing page is great. The picture fits the message and the bullet points quickly sum up what the reader can expect. After signing up, you get redirected to a beautifully designed landing page with the guide content. See below:

#BLACKHER course website screenshot purple beige

🔧  Could be tweaked

The election guide that awaits people after signing up is amazing, elaborate and packed with useful information. From the signup landing page, this doesn’t become clear directly.

We would:

  • Give the landing page that same bold yellow background-color or another background (like in this MailerLite app template)

  • Place the subscribe form on the background and emphasize it by adding a white background to that element

  • Tweak the copy so it becomes clear how much great information is really awaiting the reader after signing up (a lot!)

👉  Tip: If you want images to take up the entire width of the page, use the background image option in the Settings tab of the page itself or an individual element.

5. Advertising - No-code coffee

No-Code Coffee is a newsletter for no-code fans that want to get inspired by passionate makers, founders, and entrepreneurs that leverage no-code tools to accomplish their goals. This makes it a great platform to advertise your product or service to a hungry and active subscriber base. See their landing page here.

No-code coffee landing page for advertising white background green buttons - MailerLite

👍  Awesome!

The short introduction, the three statistics, the newsletters, pricing and testimonials are all the elements you expect from an advertising page. We like how they creatively used the 3-column content block to make it into a pricing table.

🔧  Could be tweaked 

To make the page a bit more structured, No-Code could add background colors or dividers to differentiate between each section better. Adding a background behind the three statistics makes them pop more visually. An A/B test can be run to test whether writing the copy as "we" versus "I" makes a difference. "We" can sound more like a business and can work in your benefit when talking to advertisers.

👉  Tip: Don't be afraid to get creative with our blocks and think out of the box, like No-Code did when they used the 3-column content block as a pricing table.

6. Challenge - Eziamaka Odunze

Entrepreneur and social media marketer Eziamaka Odunze created this page to promote her Go ‘Live’ challenge. In this challenge, people learn how to become more visible, grow their income and attract a bigger audience by going ‘live’ on social media.

Challenge landing page from Eziamaka Odunze white background gold buttons - MailerLite

👍  Awesome!

The bright color scheme fits the CTA and the image makes it crystal clear this landing page is about recording yourself. In the bullet points, readers see exactly what they’ll learn.

🔧  Could be tweaked

Though I know what I’ll learn, I’m not sure how the information will come to me. Make it clear for readers what happens after they sign up. Is there an email course coming their way? How long does the challenge take? When is the start date? Are there assignments?

Though the golden color behind the first “Push The ‘Live’ Button” text is meant as a decorative effect, it can confuse the reader thinking it’s a clickable button. In this case, it’s better to add the golden color as the text background and set the color to spread over the entire width.

👉  Tip: The best font size for body copy text is 16 px.

7. Video series - The Queer Couples Center

The Queer Couples Center is a great initiative by Brendan Hall, who’s a licensed psychotherapist and relationship coach. This landing page has the goal to collect signups for his free video training series.

The Queer Couples Center video series landing page built with - MailerLite

👍  Awesome!

All the elements are there on this page. The first element is the most important one, the signup form. The reader then sees what they’ll learn, who’s the teacher and get another chance to sign up. On landing pages, you can easily repeat CTA buttons if needed—especially when you create a long-format landing page.

🔧  Could be tweaked

Background colors are great to divide different sections. If Brendan deletes the two black line separators and instead uses a light-grey background behind his biography and a darker background behind the signup form, the page will instantly look more designed and finished.

👉  Tip: The best landing pages are short and sweet. They contain all the necessary information that’s interesting for the audience.

8. Facebook live - The Art of Healthy Living

This amazing women collective provides health and wellness workshops, like the one below on inflammation. The featured landing page is long-format and has a CTA to reserve a spot for their Facebook live event.

The Art of Healthy Living landing page example light colors - MailerLite

👍  Awesome!

The same color scheme is present throughout the entire page, the pictures fit the message and the fonts are large.

Though the landing page is fairly long, it’s designed in a structured way through the use of different colors and pictures. 

Tip: Make sure to repeat your signup form on a long-format page—ideally above the fold and then further below and/or at the very end.

🔧  Could be tweaked

Though they structured it well, a shorter page could drive more conversions and is therefore worth testing. A video can help if you want to say a lot of things but not write it all out. The fonts could be a little smaller to make the entire page more compact. 

👉  Tip: Countdown timers are great for event pages, as they add an interactive element and express urgency.

9. Book a call - OBM agency

OBM agency created a beautiful landing page with the aim to pursue visitors to book a free strategy call to discuss their small business marketing strategy. This is a great tactic to collect leads and establish the first contact of your hopefully long-term relationship.

OBM agency landing page example light blue and white design - MailerLite

👍  Awesome!

The design of this page is on point! The different icons help to quickly spot what this agency can offer you. The interactive quiz midway keeps the reader engaged.

🔧  Could be tweaked

The agency could look at their conversion rate, create a split test and slightly tweak a part of the copy of the second version. The upper part of the page takes up a lot of space without telling the reader much. Though the CTA is clear, it can be interesting to see if different wording influences the CTR.

👉  Tip: At the very end of the landing page, this agency integrated the Calendly app that’s used to book the free strategy session. This is done by using the HTML block for landing pages.

10. Free eBook - Tonya + Miana

Like mother, like daughter. This fabulous duo is on a mission to help people feel centered, conscious and connected. Their landing page promotes a free eBook that people can sign up for.

Tonya + Miana free ebook landing page example orange and white

👍  Awesome!

Pretty much everything. The color scheme fits the mood of their brand and compliments the picture below. The copy and picture of the book make it clear what you’re signing up for. The short biography creates a connection between the authors and the reader.

🔧  Could be tweaked

The opt-in checkbox is optional when you ask consent for only one purpose. It’s a nice gesture but not necessary. 

When you’re offering an eBook and tell the reader they can get it for free when they sign up for your email list, you don’t need an extra checkbox. You have permission after they click the CTA button. This makes it easier to collect leads.

👉  Tip: Curious about what you can and can’t do in regards to GDPR and subscribe forms? Read our blog on GDPR and opt-in forms.

11. Unlimited access - Mathletics

Mathletics is a UK-based online learning platform with interactive maths games and activities. Their target audiences are parents and teachers, and this landing page (link here) was created to promote their 30-day free trial.

Mathletics landing page example

👍  Awesome! 

These complementing color blocks are a big YES from us! The blue, yellow, gray and white tones are easy on the eyes, without being boring, and the font is clear and readable. We also love the brand logos and testimonials, which adds credibility and social proof for their platform. The email copy is personal, using the word ‘you’ lots of times, and it lists benefits over features. Great job, Mathletics!

🔧  Could be tweaked

Mathletics could add a short video to their landing page, showing their solution in action. Photos of faces can also help; whether it’s of students using the product, or the teachers who left reviews, to build trust. The landing page could also do with a little more urgency. Perhaps the free trial is only available for a limited time, or for the first 100 people who sign up, for example. Add a little more FOMO (fear of missing out) into the mix, and this landing page will truly pop! 

👉  Tip: Faces are powerful marketing tools. Whether you use them in photos and/or videos, they will build human connections, set the right tone, and establish trust with your brand.

I hope all of this additional knowledge gave you the motivational boost to start building your own landing page. If you’re not a MailerLite customer yet, click below to create your free account.

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The best landing pages are targeted to the needs of that specific audience. They clearly state what the visitor can expect after taking action and use engaging and convincing copy. The color scheme and images fit the message and help strengthen its delivery. Here’s a checklist of other things to keep in mind when you’re setting up your landing page.

Your ultimate landing page checklist

✅ Analyze your landing page from a customer perspective

✅ Use the right backgrounds and structure to make your landing page pop

✅ Testimonials with pictures can make your page seem more trustworthy

✅ Make the headline loud and attention-grabbing

✅ Be clear about your value proposition

✅ Make the copy personal to the reader, using the word ‘you’

✅ Use 16 px for your body copy text font size

✅ Keep it short, concise and to the point

✅ Countdown timers are a great way to add urgency to your landing page

✅ Make sure your subscribe forms are GDPR-compliant

Landing pages are also a work in progress. No first draft will be the winner, there are always small things to tweak. With landing page A/B split tests, you can continue to optimize parts of your landing page until you find the version that drives the desired conversions.

Have you ever created a landing page with MailerLite? 

Editor's note: This article was originally published in June 2020. It has now been updated with a new example and a checklist to help you make your landing page the best it can be!

Megan de Graaf

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